Friday, October 24, 2008

Palin To Visit Fake America

This is a pretty shocking development. North Carolina is a state where the McCain/Palin camp appears to be making a stand, but I didn't expect them to spend time or resources in a town where they will lose—and lose heavily. While western North Carolina certainly has its share of rural, Republican areas, Asheville is pretty much a Green Zone of liberal, progressive hippiedom. They should be doing this in Hendersonville or some other "pro-America" venue.

They'll be lucky to attract as many attendees as protesters here in Asheville. So much so, that I almost have to wonder if that's the idea...baiting to capture some ugly liberal crowd video. I actually hope DEms and libs here just ignore the whole thing rather than feed the beast. Eyes on the prize, Asheville—ignore this sideshow, and just GOTV.

Naturally the McCain site has no information for the media, so I am unclear whether or not I will be covering this.


Smitty said...

If you get to go and take lots of pix, be sure to post them on your blog, complete Devil beards and horns drawn in. I'm looking for some cheap laughs.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey strongly urges you to go incognito and document your experience. Dress up like a plumber from Super Mario Bros. Are they still requiring loyalty oaths in order to attend their little fascist rallies?

Mike said...

As a two time visitor to Asheville (story of trip number two is here) I concur that Palin's choice to visit is odd.

Many moose in the Blue Ridge's these days?