Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Daily Lie

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC):
It looks like he’s gonna try to get a lot of that revenue from raising payroll taxes on upper income and that sounds good but basically that affects small businesses and their ability to hire people. So I just think it shows a lack of understanding of the private sector. A lot of people make — who are reporting a quarter million dollars — you know, I’ve done that before in my small business, and I was actually taking home like 50 or 40.

Straight-up fucking liar. If you own a small business and report income of a quarter million dollars, then that means you are taking home a quarter million dollars, and you should be taxed accordingly! If your business has revenues of $250,000 and your business employs other people, and has overhead, expenses, etc and after all that, you pay yourself $50K, then you pay income taxes on $50K. It's that fucking simple.

That kind of stupid and such dishonesty obviously pays off in South Carolina (see: other Senator; Assclown Governor) but the rest of us ain't buyin'.

UPDATE: Even though I've moved to N.C., I live in one of the liberal/Democratic enclaves. Plus, the state as a whole actually turned blue in 2008. But I have to venture outside the Green Zone and go to South Carolina for work all the time, and it is like a foreign land to me—"Jesus Died For My Sins" crosses every quarter-mile, Confederate flags displayed with impunity, and other reminders that I will never really be comfortable in the South. I recall sitting at a light in the fall surrounded by ONLY signs for guys like Lindsay Graham and others in the rogue's gallery of asshat GOoPers, and realizing these political villains that were always from "somewhere else" and were somewhat of an abstraction to me are quite real. This is where they come from. And they aren't going away any time soon.

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Bob said...

It's kinda like all the people who act as if when they slip one penny into a higher tax bracket, suddenly their entire income is taxed at a higher rate.

No dumb, dumbs, you pay the higher rate on the one penny.