Monday, May 25, 2009

All-Star Ballot

Here is my latest (second) contribution to the All-Star voting...

I paid slightly closer attention to my selections this time around, though only a few spots changed. I feel pretty good about my tapping Joe Mauer last time even though he had only returned from injury two days prior—he's only hit eleven HRs and hit .444 in the three weeks since...Jeter's out and Damon's in—though I'm not so sure about him, since he won't be facing the Sox (I swear, he's hit like 9 of his 10 HRs against Boston).

Let me go out on a limb and predict an NL victory this time out. Looking over the rosters, it just seems like the AL is fat with youngsters having hot starts, while the NL squad is filled with seasoned badasses. We'll see who's pitching and on the benches, but the starting lineups (based on my ballot) are a mismatch.


John Howard said...

Isn't this a little early?

Mr Furious said...

It's never too early for homers to begin stuffing ballots filled top to bottom with their favorite players regardless of how much they suck—if it were an AL park this year, what're the chances David Ortiz would lead among DHs?

But. yeah, if you take the current season's statistics seriously like I do. I tend to reward players actually having a deserving statistical year NOW as opposed to career track record. It's not necessarily a winning formula (see my comment on AL v. NL this year) as the hot young rookie might not fare as well under the Al-Star glare as well as a DErek Jeter or other veteran... but I hatevoting for guys based solely on reputation when they take a spot from a deserving player.

I enjoy thinking about it, and seeing if or how my ballot evolves. Plus, every time you vote you're entered to win a trip to the

Mike said...

I tend to reward players actually having a deserving statistical year NOW as opposed to career track record.Exactly the opposite of what I think. Which explains some of your apparently idiosyncratic choices.

Mr Furious said...

I hear what you're saying, Mike. In a perfect world, the Raul Ibanezes would get selected by the manager, and in many cases are.

I have no problem with perennial All-Star-types coasting onto the team as long as they are still maintaining a high level of play. I hate when stars having a shit season, injuries, etc are voted in based on rabid fanbases and the next generation up-and-comer is shut out.

Exhibit A: Evan Longoria deserves the spot over A-Rod this season. No debate about it. He's clearly established himself as a top-shelp player. He's having a phenomenal season and A-rod has missed significant time to injuries. But the Yanks play in a big, new stadium, and without the steroid cloud, A-Rod might well be leading the votes.

Jeter leading all vote-getters? Okay. He's still derek Jeter, and having a good enough season that I voted for him already once this season.