Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading Assignment: The Wrong Man

This three-year-old article from Esquire has new relevance since Obama's picked a new General to run the war in Afganistan.

More than one person has pointed out that Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal's hands are not clean when it comes to torture, and the suspicion by some is that Obama reversed position on releasing the photos of torture camps precisely for that reason.

It's merely a passing reference in this article, but if McChrystal had any role whatsoever in what the article details, Obama made a seriously bad decision.

Read the whole thing: Acts of Conscience

[h/t Booman]

UPDATE: Links on McChrystal—Sullivan,

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Smitty said...

Well that's just fucking depressing. I'm cool with more boots in Afghanistan. But if the General is implicated in the torture mess, then how is that going to help anything over there? It's not, and Obama looks even worse.