Friday, May 01, 2009

Dick of the Week: Mark Halperin

Already a dick, for Halperin to close the deal and win the week just took this:

I dunno, Mark, maybe the fact that ONLY white men "need apply" for the last 200-plus years would lead you to shut the fuck up with wise-ass shit like that?

UPDATE: A comment from the Balloon Juice thread on Halperin's douchiness:
Souter’s out, Ginzy’s in debatable health (FSM bless her, but come on), Stevens is catching up to Methuselah—could it be that Barry X has THREE appointments in his first term? Hell, he could appoint Glenn Beck for the first replacement just for the pure comedy value and still leave the Court in better shape than when he found it.

Tho’ for my money I’d like to see Glennzilla, Digby and David Corn get the nods. Plus some ninja clerks to kick Scalia in the balls when he’s not looking. And a pubic hair on a doily delivered daily to Thomas. And a copy of My Pet Goat for Alito. Ninjas on the SCOTUS would be awesome!


Toast said...

Complete and utter fucking douchebag. Everything that's wrong with the DC Kool Kidz Journalism Club wrapped up in one little repugnant package.

Eric Wilde said...

I love the _My_Pet_Goat_ for Scalia. There's one root cause of our being graced with President Bush.

Smitty said...

Ass-bag chump.