Friday, May 01, 2009

Jesus F--king Christ

I saw this and had to verify it in case it was an Onion gag. It's not. This is a real Florida license plate currently steamrolling its way through the legislature, soon to be blessing you at a red light near you.

My reactions, in order:

1. "Jesus Fucking Christ, are you kidding me?" (No, seriously, that's a common utterance for me.)

2. "That's it. Fuck this noise. Every state goes back to ONE FUCKING PLATE. Plain letters on a solid background. This shit is out of hand."

3. "Where are his fucking arms?"

4. "Why is he blue?"

5. "That is off-the-charts tacky."

6. "This ought to be a real hit with the Jews down in Florida."

7. "The Governor is REALLY trying to hard to make up for the missing H.

8. "Are the letters ZOM BIE available?"

UPDATE: I'll withdraw my opposition to that plate if Florida allows my alternative to that super-Aryan Barry Gibb Jesus...

(My source for that art is this kick-ass church—almost worth moving to Finland for!)


Toast said...

"Why is he blue?"It's actually Dr. Manhattan.

Surly Rob said...

Hmm, i was going to say because he has been dead for 3 days....

Seriously, if this goes through, I may have to get a Satan license plate, just to have fun in the courts.

Eric Wilde said...

"Why is he blue?"Its a fine tradition in sacred art.I actually like that tryptic, though. Very powerful.

Afrit007 said...

Leave it to Florida to turn a religious icon into kitchy consumerism.