Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just wondering...

I was at the counter of a Dunkin Donuts yesterday (NOTE: iced coffee is only 99¢ this month) and I could hear a television over my shoulder...
"Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenants assembled...blah...blah..blah..."

"Hmm," I thought. "That HAS to be FOX News."

It was. And then they trotted out some jackass Republican Congressman to decry "the increase of government in your health care" and is that "what Americans want?"

It was nothing I haven't heard a thousand times before, but it dawned on me that this argument loses what little credibility it had as the number of Americans without any health care coverage at all increases..."Government-run health care for me and my family versus nothing at all? Where do I sign up?"

They are going to lose this argument and so many others because the GOP doesn't feel the ground shifting beneath their feet.


Toast said...

The GOP's decision to cling even more tenaciously to their idiotic policy ideas even after two straight routs at the polls is the best thing that could happen for the Democrat Socialist Party. Now let's hope they have the good sense to seize the moment and roll these motherfuckers.

Mr Furious said...

I'm not encouraged thusfar. Obama is doing plenty of good things around the edges, but I have major disagreements on the handling of more than a few BIG issues.

And Congress is...well, Congress. Reid is worthless and Pelosi's not much better.

I have to hope that seeming inactivity from Obama or the things I think he's doing wrong are mere prelude to his chess moves to come.

Mr Furious said...

I'm also trying to keep in mind that he's only been President for three months...there's a loonnnnng way to go.

steves said...

Good points. I worked in the public mental health sector for a number of years and saw many things that were in need of serious overhaul. I see many problems with a gov't run health care system and, in some ways, it really scares me when you consider the costs of that along with Medicaid and Medicare.

That being said, you hit the nail on the head. If the choice is between a no health care and shitty gov't health care, that is a no-brainer. More and more employers are slashing health benefits. If the GOP can't come up with something besides "gov't health care sucks," then they will lose this debate. They need to come up with some workable solutions.