Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Adjunct Perfessor

So, "Between the Sun and Moon" comes up on iTunes...it's one of those "new" Rush tracks that only come into my life on shuffle—but it's really good. So I turn it up. Then I listen again, drumming away on my desk. After it ends, I decide to go online and see if there's a video. Sometimes watching Neil Peart play can be the most gratifying experience for me, and since I'm in the midst of what might turn into an all-nighter, I deserve it. Alas, there is no video...but I did find this.

Not quite Neil Peart, but pretty damn close. He runs out of toms on the big fills, but despite a 5-piece kit, he hits every mark. God, I wish I could play drums...

UPDATE: He nails Xanadu too. My favorite all-time Rush track.

UPDATE 2: The man.


Smitty said...

I really like Mick Fleetwood's work but honestly, comparing Mick with Neil Peart...Peart wins I think. Not a landslide by any means.

Mrs Furious said...

thank god I wasn't home to witness this nerdfest