Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dick of the Week: Ann Althouse

Never one to let a ginned-up anti-Obama scandal go to waste, Ann Althouse takes this Drudge-pushed photo of Obama appearing to stare at a teenager's ass and gets all Art Appreciation 101 on us and dissects it as if it were a painted masterpiece hanging in the Met, detailing how each gesture and pose is carefully considered and deliberately executed by an artist portraying not just characters but a story. When in reality, this photo is a candid snapshot taken without context from an actual fluid series of events.

Once the contortions of her analysis are complete, A-house throws open the cage of her zoo of PUMA commenters to cruelly ridicule everyone from the totally innocent teen to Obama's wife, Michelle, and their daughters.

Althouse doubles down at the end of her post, claiming to stand by her analysis "even after watching the video."

This video, that shows without any doubt that Obama is simply glacing downward while reaching his hand up and helping the young woman behind him, who is actually the American youth delegate accompanying him, step down from the 18-inch riser onto her mark on the stage.

Stay classy, Ann!

(Yes, I realize this is a stupid story and doesn't deserve to be dragged up again, but once I saw Althouse's take, my disdain for her just took over.)


Bob said...

Should we slam Ann over on her blog?

Is this really the best that the anti-Obama crowd can do? Let's for a minute say he, WAS checking out her ass. (Which the video shows, he likely wasn't.) If checking out a girls butt makes you unqualified for higher office, no male, and most women, aren't qualifed.

I DO feel bad for that yopung woman, who is likely embarassed by thr whole thing.

Smitty said...

They pick this to slam Obama on, with so much more material out there that's better? I think it's racist, playing on the whole "dawg" concept. Ann Outhouse is a racist.

Mr Furious said...

I didn't waste my time with a comment at Althouse's site because the post is over a week old. Plus, she feeds off that shit.

As for the racism, I almost agree. She clearly portrays Obama as a barely under control sexual animal while Sarkozy is a more evolved embodiment of lechery.

But I'm not so sure she wouldn't have used exactly the same terms for, say, Bill Clinton.


That the whole media leapt on this narrative speaks more of an underlying racism, or at least a tired framing of Democrats as adulterous cheaters. They never would have done it to Bush—he was "a devoted husband." Yet, it's impossible to portray a Democrat as anything but on the prowl—even more so for a black man.

I have to wonder if this was a self-inflicted penance for the fun had at Sanford's expense, and whether it would have happened as willfully at another time.

Mr Furious said...

Fuck it. I just re-read Althouse's post and she all but screams, "Lock up the white wimmin!"

And the comments are a fucking disgrace. She's a shameless piece of shit to let them hang out there like that.

steves said...

He was checking her out (or at least glancing). So what. This photo has been on dozens of sites. Obama is doing enough real stuff that should draw ire, this is much ado 'bout nothing.