Thursday, July 09, 2009

Watch "My Bodyguard" and It Makes Sense

DougJ at Balloon Juice has a post on the myth of Obama's eroding support and concludes with a (mostly rhetorical) question...
I can’t escape the feeling that many in the media are fixated on puncturing the Obama image in a way they never were with Bush. From 2001—2005, reporters boasted about the nicknames Bush gave them, now they boast about having asked Obama a “tough question”. What changed?

Party. And the psychology.

The D.C. media is all caught up in a high school bully-nerd dynamic.

With Bush, he was the bully, and they were happy to roll over and submit. His snide nicknames were lapped up as endearing, “Did you see that? The star quarterback talked to me!” (Sure, he made fun of your mustache and called you "Pubes" but who's counting?)

It wasn’t until Bush was completely exposed and isolated that they felt like they could even question him…think everyone laughing at the bully in a movie after he gets his nose bloodied.

But with Obama (and Gore) they felt emboldened because while they were the valedictorians, and thus superior to the rabble in the press, they needn’t be feared—and also deserving of being taken down so the press could feel better about itself for being abused for 8 years.

So the media would assume the bully role and then denigrate the President.

As it happens that dynamic favors the GOP at the moment (as opposed to during JFK/LBJ), and that will be tough to ever shift all the way over, but the GOP is rapidly becoming the wannabe jock that can’t make the team, and while a loudmouth and a bully in style, cannot back it up.

The GOP gets play now simply as a weapon or tool for the media to use to bring Obama down a notch—not because Cheney, Boehner or Newt are feared or respected in the media any more.


steves said...

Maybe I am just having trouble remembering back that far, but I never got the impression that the media was all that fond of Bush. There was the widespread perception (some of it deserved) that Bush was stupid and that he dispronounced many words. I also don't buy for a second that the media doesn't like Obama. I can't think of any president in recent memory that hasn't been as admired by the media as he is.

Mr Furious said...

Pay closer attention, steves. The worship for Obama has turned now that he's in office.

Do remember massive coverage and analysis of Bush's success and failure after "THE FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE™"?

There is the celebrity / People magazine portion of the media that will be happy to fawn over a young, attractive First Family no matter the political realities. And that will offer cover for the Washington press corp that has steadily ramped up the inquisition skills that atrophied for the last eight years.

I'm not complaining about a vibrant and vigilant press. There should be one, and Obama should be nailed every time he fucks up. But what is happening now is a press feeling the pressure not to be "liberal" or precieved as favorable to Obama and they are overcompensating something fierce.

Witness the Washington Post's transition into something somehow to the right of the Washington Times...

Bob said...

"...but I never got the impression that the media was all that fond of Bush."

I don't think the press necessarily liked him either, but once 9-11 hit, they were terrified of asking tough questions. The Bush admin were masters in calling everyone unpatriotic whenever people dared question a policy. The MSM was made up of cowards; its not that they were in love with Bush.

As for now. I think the MSM's crazy infatuation with celebrity causes them to go easy on Obama. (Fox excluded. They just make shit up and call names.)