Friday, July 31, 2009

In My Email...

From Senator Chris Dodd:

Be well, Senator, and thanks for putting a spotlight—and a face—on a big part of the problem. Without a health plan a simple procedure to remove a cancerous growth in the early stages would instead result in the cancer being undiagnosed until far more serious and expensive treatment would be required—if it wasn't too late for that.

Yes, Senator Dodd's procedure will cost money—but less than it would at later stages, and will save his life. If you are currently un-(or under)insured, Republicans would rather you wait until your prostrate cancer is so bad you need to be treated in the emergency room.

That's the real debate.


Smitty said...

I am blood-boilingly infuriated about the fact that the effort as it is now is negotiated down to be pretty much what we have now.

So Obama wanted 100% of Americans with some sort of insurance.

Congress has negotiated down to some 85 or 90% having insurance, and called it "great progress."

Why the living fuck is it great progress? These fucking dickless wonders have the ability to make it to 100%. It's not like authority to change things resides in someone else. IT'S THEM!! IT'S FUCKING THEM!!!

I can't even listen to their bloviating on NPR. I have to change the station because all I want to do is scream until my throat rips.

steves said...

If they would stop spending money on stupid, bullshit, pork projects, like the Ted Stevens Memorial Septic tank and the Robert Byrd KKK museum, we could come up with a way that everyone could be decently insured.

Having worked in the public mental health system, I will say that I don't have a lot of confidence in the gov't coming up with a workable system that doesn't waste billions. I am not suggesting that we don't try, just that I am not all that confident.

Eric Wilde said...

Face it, the US government is utterly corrupt. Why is it the wealthiest nation in the world cannot even give health care to its people?

angie said...

I totally agree with your sentiment. But just an fyi about prostate cancer. it is often recommended to have no treatment, as surgery and radiation have not been shown to significantly increase life expectancy. It's a weird cancer. But your point is pot on.

Ruckus said...

When your cancer, any cancer, has gotten to the bad stage and the emergency room is your only source of treatment, the only treatment left is actually to call the morgue for an appointment.

I've been told that a lot of men die with prostate cancer, not of it. In it's normal progression it takes a long time to be a problem (20yrs?) so if you are diagnosed at 70/75, you'll probably die of something else first. If a man is a lot younger when diagnosed this is something else entirely. This is first hand experience BTW (45yrs), but I had insurance then.