Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dick Testicles of the Week

Mr. Glenn "Straitjacket" Beck and Michael Scheuer. Take it away...

Leave it to Glenn Beck to spend his weekend wondering what he would do if he was Osama Bin Laden. Holy Fucking Batshit.

It's no secret Beck's damaged goods, but this Scheuer is a real piece of work. I suppose in a way, I should be grateful this asshole is bold enough to reveal exactly how fucking codependent these neocon motherfuckers are with Bin Laden and terrorists, and Becks nods right along.

So there it is: The last best hope for the country the Republicans is a massive attack on our soil and the deaths of untold thousands.

What a couple of patriots.

UPDATE: If you can handle it, watch the whole segment. Scheuer spits up on cue every time Beck spoonfeeds him.

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