Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Weather was nasty in Pennsylvania today. McCain canceled his rally, but Obama played on...

Some awesome shots—check 'em all out at Shakesville.


Toast said...

Wow, so it looks like the tide at Shakesville has turned?

Smitty said...

This goes well with what Cole said over at Balloon Juice; that the Obama supporters he knows would essentially crawl over broken glass to vote for him.

Look at the dedication. He wanted to be there, and the crowd wanted to be there.


Mr Furious said...

Wow, so it looks like the tide at Shakesville has turned?

Yeah, you could say that. There is still grumbling in the comments and constant qualifying statements, but the host and posters have pretty much fallen in line.

I think MM initially planned a protest vote, but will probably even vote for now that Indiana is now in play.

Mike said...

I was clicking channels last night and this guy who was some sort of "official" PUMA was talking to the always loathsome Greta van Susteren.

I couldn't believe he was serious. He HAD to be some sort of RNC operative.

Anyhow, I immediately thought of the Shakesville crowd. Glad to hear most of them aren't playing that idiot role.

Rickey Henderson said...

That's some pretty awesome stuff. Who would've guessed that socialists don't melt in the rain?