Saturday, July 21, 2007

->sniff<- I Am So Proud!

My better half has joined the blogosphere... Introducing Mrs. Furious.

Rachel wouldn't tell me anything about the blog (name or even subject matter), and it took me the whole day to find it. God, and it was SO obvious! So much for my career in Computer Forensics or Private Investigations. Hell, so much for rudimentary deductive abilities.

Rookie Mistake: "I'm hoping NOT to spend as much time on this as Matt spends on his..."

We'll see.


Toast said...

I should get Tracy to start a blog. That would be awesome.

angie said...

I have noted more posts on Mrs. Furious' blog than yours...I think she's going to become addicted :-)

Glad you finally figured it out. I was so scared I would leak it.

Mr. Furious said...

What's funny is Mrs. F did it on her own accord. I had, just the other day, half-suggested that the complex email forum she uses with some friends and family for food diary purposes might be easier in a blog/comments format.

No reaction. I thought she filed it under "That'll be the day. Nerd." but unbeknownst to me—the debut was already in the works...

Mike said...


Matthew Furious?

Mrs. Mike is about as likely to start her own blog as she is to start reading mine.

No breath holding here.

Mr Furious said...

Matthew Furious?

Sure why not. Didn't we figure out that you're Mike Michaels?

Mike said...

I thought it was Mike Mike. Otherwise people might think I was related to Bret Michaels.

And we can't have that, now can we?