Thursday, July 19, 2007

How Mike Vick Rolls

Something tells me this Dodge Nitro ad won't be hitting the U.S. airwaves anytime soon, given the current dog-murder climate.

This ad is for the European market and was filmed long before this, but I have to wonder what the hell Dodge is thinking here, Michael Vick or not. I know the whole "Dodge ain't no girlie car" schtick and everything, but did they really need to kill the dog—and then fucking burn him? A nice shock sending the dog yelping and scurrying off wouldn't be "tough" enough?


Mike said...


When did the Euros get all bad-ass 'Mercan and all?

So they have landlsides and rolling boulders that require on-demand 4-wheel drive too? Isn't the autobahn supposed to be well-paved & smooth?

Mr Furious said...

I had to retroactively go back and finish my Vick post. I am fucking fired up!

What the fuck is wrong with Dodge? People are gonna say "this is just bad timing..." Bullshit. That ad is NEVER appropriate. This is bad fucking judgement.