Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mrs. REALLY Furious...

Yesterday, Mrs. F decided to start another blog (!), and in the process of trying to start a new account to keep the Mrs. Furious (& Kids) blogs separate, she kept getting stymied by google/blogger recognizing her. She hastily deleted the new one—and all the others as well! Many a curse was uttered, and the mishap nearly derailed the whole weekend...

Even though the original blogs are deleted, she needed to create new addresses, and the links at the top of the blogroll (at right) reflect the update.

Just for the record, Mrs. F. now has four blogs going and is spending far and away more time on them than I do. And I'll add this as well: If I had somehow deleted this blog—after more than three years and hundreds of posts, plus a meager readership—I would have been livid/devastated, and she would have had no understanding and little sympathy for me. After just one week she is totally obsessed and now knows the stranglehold of addiction.

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Mrs. Furioius said...

I can't hear you!
Plus I'm starting a timer to prove that I spend under an hour a day on this.

and you greatly underestimate my empathy skills. I may not have sympathized but I would have empathized I am a therapist afterall ;)