Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stick to Football, Tubby

SI's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column by Peter King [link]:
10. I think these are my non-football thoughts of the week:

a. I find it incredibly hard to believe anyone can go to a place and cheer for one dog to rip the neck of another dog open so the dog will bleed to death. Please. I need to know this: What kind of person does that? And why are these people allowed to walk free and breathe the same air that normal human beings breathe?

Okay, so far so good...
b. Not that I'm questioning what planet David Ortiz has fallen off, but the catcher for Kansas City, John Buck, who starts about 65 percent of the time and has 121 fewer at-bats, has as many homers, 16, as Ortiz.

c. The following players, four months into the season, have more home runs than Ortiz, who hit 54 last year: Dan Uggla, Brandon Phillips, Carlos Pena, Chris Duncan, Jimmy Rollins, J.J. Hardy, Jack Cust, Brad Hawpe.

d. Theories, anyone? And don't give me the stuff about his right knee being sore. That's not his plant knee.

Cute. If you're going to call somebody out for steroids or PEDs, be a man about it and actually say so. Otherwise shut the hell up and stop blaspheming Big Papi.

Moron. Has King actually watched any highlights of Ortiz this year? His power is down because his swing is completely different from last year—because he's not using his legs!


Toast said...

All I know is that I've got Big Pussy in my roto league this year and he's sucking wind. I can't even trade him right now because I wouldn't get sufficient value in return based on this year's performance.

Mr Furious said...

[smiles] Reminds me of the days when Cecil "Big Daddy" Fielder played for he Yanks, and we would refer to him as "Big Mommy."