Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Glad I didn't see this story before I took my family to Disney World, and then, the other night to the local carnival.

I've never been able to fully relax and enjoy a roller coaster or other thrill ride without the possibilty of a horrific accident poking me in the back of my brain. The fact that I now have kids does not ease that at all. Especially when it comes to safety regarding some sketchy travelling amusement park that Transformers™ out of a bunch of trailers.

Anyway, Ruby loved The Scrambler. Here's an interesting drawing I found while looking for a photo:


Toast said...

I never worry about ride safety. I figure you're no more likely to die from an improperly maintained ride than you are from a train derailment, a plane crash, a faulty piece of bridge/highway engineering, or anything else of that sort. And rides are so much more fun.

Mr Furious said...

I hear ya. And statistically I'm sure the numbers more than bear that out. But the "death or maiming" is part of the natural fear or thrill...to me, anyway.

I'm not paralyzed by it, and I can't think of a ride that I've actually avoided, but I can't ride one without the thought occuring to me.