Thursday, July 19, 2007


Let's look at the last month. On June 19 the Sox were 13-6 in one-run games. They are now 14-15. Over the last month they've gone 1-9 in those situations.

They are consistantly playing just well enough to lose. Last night's games were a perfect example of how things could change in the AL East. The Yankees complete another comeback, and the Sox fall behind and NEVER catch up.

Over the last month (25 games) the Sox pitching has given up only 3.88 runs per contest. The Sox offense is averaging 4.84 runs. How are we under .500 (12-13) in the time? Those averages include two blowout games (11-0 v Atlanta and 15-4 v TB). Throw out those two games and the gap closes considerably—allowing 4.04 and scoring 4.17.

Lot's of close games, and NO hitting with RISP. It has nothing to do with Schilling's injury, the pitching staff has done its job, even Wake and Julian—the offense has failed to pick them up time and again.

This season didn't turn that night against the Yankees. Those things happen, even to the best team in baseball (which they were at the time). But good teams don't then play sub-.500 ball for the next six weeks.

Don't talk to me ANY MORE about opponent's records or what the Sox will do the rest of the way ("...not a .500 team the rest of the way. I’d say .540 at worst..."). They just played 20-23 since May. The Royals who just took 2 of 3 are 22-1 over that same period. Looking to September and penciling in wins against "weak" opponents is a fool's game.

This offense needs to wake the fuck up. Pronto.

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