Saturday, October 13, 2007

ALCS Game 2: Tape-Delay Blogging

Gonna give the old liveblogging-the-game thing a shot. But of course, I'm not doing this live, and nobody is going to be reading it, but I don't care. I wanna rant about shit, and I'm gonna do it. At least until I get bored...

Since the front page already has about forty-five column inches of baseball, I'm going to do this in the comments. Come on in...


Mr Furious said...

PRE-GAME: How the hell is Eric Karros allowed to go on the air with his hair looking like that?

Are the Rockies actually capable of losing a game?

Boy, FOX is really beating this Papi/Ortiz combo thing into the ground. Read a good little article about Papi in yesterday;s NYT about his video prep and the fact that he analyzes his at-bats throughout the game on his laptop.

TOP 1st: I know Fridge likes to make fun of Curt Schilling for being fat, but is he kidding me? Next to Clemens, Schilling is fucking Graeme Lloyd. Roger's ass is as wide as the mound. And check out Sabathia (the C.C. stands for CheeseCake).

The finesse Schilling is not the 9-2 postseason stud they keep hyping, and this lineup ain't the decrepit Angels he faced last week. I am officially nervous.

That could have been worse. Let's see how the Sox handle Carmona.

BOTTOM 1st: Holy shit this kid is filthy. Pedroia was just blown away—and he does not K often. Here comes Mr Intense...

Youk works a walk after being in the hole. Nice work.

Are you fucking kidding me? The graphic under Ortiz as comes up shows a batting average of .778. Maybe they aren't over-hyping it.

Papi looked as disgusted with those four balls as if they were badly called strikes. He wants to swing the bat. CArmona wants nothing to do with him.

Manny is hitting a pedestrian .500 in the post-season.

Ugh. double-play.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 2: Another double. Shilling gets out of it.

The strike zone is a bit expanded tonite. It screwed Manny last inning, but I'll take it. since Schilling will have to nibble and live on the corners that helps him more than Carmona who lives in the dirt and up at 97.

MIDDLE 2: Ads, because I forgot i was watching TiVo. I hate these stupid Shwab ads with the "over-animation." And who the fuck is Dane Cok to be doing these promotions. In fact, who the fuck is Dane Cook period? Is he a comedian? soe MTV guy? Where did he come from?

BOTTOM 2: Joe Buck loves beards as much as (if not more) Michelline.

Sox go down one, two, three.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 3: Joe Buck loves him some CAsey Blake. Um, Joe, Blake is a bottom of the order guy, that's why he hits there. He sure ain't a clean-up hitter. Full-disclosure: I like Blake, I love a guy with a great basebal name like that. He absolutely killed the Tigers this year. Strike three. Sit down, Mr. Keaton.

Boom. Boom. Schilling is settled down nicely.

BOTTOM 3: Crisp is on. Did I mention how much I love having these two speedsters (Coco and Lugo) at the bottom of the order? Until Francona, even the fast guys the Sox had in the past never ran.

There ya go. Crisp just easily stole second on a botched hit and run.

Um, McCarver, I don't care that Carmona had the lowest second-half ERA. Not when he finished with the lowest ERA for the season!

3-0 on Pedroia. Carmona is all over the place, but the ump ain't helping him out, he's tightened the zone.

He walks.

"Year after year, one of the most patient hitters..." Hey, Buck, youkilis has only been a regular for a couple years. Chill.

Youkilis just got blown away.

Papi just had a huge rip.

Wow. Ortiz cannot make an out.

Here we go, big inning, boys. Come on, Manny.

Tie game. Balls 3 and 4 were strikes in Manny's first at bat. That shit has to be maddening to a pitcher.

Let's go Mikey.

What's up with that tag that sticks out of Carmona's jersey? I remember that from the bug game too...

Wow, two run single. Lowell has earned himself an extention.

[REWIND] Is that the Whalers fight song on the PA after the runs scored? Awesome!

Ouch, sorry J.D. I really want you to come up big this postseason and shut everyone up.

But, we tie the game, then take the lead and with an insurance run to boot.

Sox lead 3-1

Mr Furious said...

TOP 4: Schilling living dangerously again. Two men on already.

Oh, fuck. Typo-Jhonny rides Schilling waay out of here. Indians back on top, 4-3.

Damn. It's late, I gotta pick up the pace with the FF button.

Mr Furious said...

BOTTOM 4: Sox going down far.

Lugo's on. Fuck with him, Julio. Hell, steal your way all the ay around...

Pedroia whiffs.

Mr Furious said...

The Rockies have won 19 out of their last twenty. That's fucking nuts.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 5: Shit. Sizemore crushes a one-out HR. He reminds me of Shawn Green back in Toronto. You know before he sucked.

Asdrubal is the worst Latin name ever. I think it translates to "hemorrhoid cream."

McCarver is prophetic. One too many batters for Schilling. At least its just a single. Here comes MDC.

Leaves em stranded.

Mr Furious said...

These flex-fuel Chevy ads are pissing me off. Ethanol is a crock of shit.

Mr Furious said...

BOTTOM 5: Youk, Papi, Manny. Let's get it on...

Youk singles, Carmona's out.

If there's a guy who's going to get Papi out, it's this guy. His numbers are sick.

So does beating out the DP keep the base-reaching streak alive? I guess it doesn't.

Wow. Manny rocks one into the pen. Tie game.

And he leaves Youk hanging on the way down into the dugout. Hilarious.

LOWELL!!!!!! Back to back!!! Sox lead!

Come on Drew, don't make out. YESS!! Here comes Wedge.


Manny leads all-time post-season HRs passing Bernie. I'm less impressed with the HRs hit by the top 4 guys (Manny, Bernie, Reggie and Mantle) than I am impressed by the fact that Mantle played in 65 World Series games. That's crazy.

Varitek's DP end the inning.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 6: Indians tie it up. But I'm beat, and the laptop just gave me the low-power warning.

Mr Furious said...

Crisp makes a fantastic catch and replaces his divet.

Mr Furious said...

BOTTOM 8: Shit, if this goes extra innings, my TiVo is going to cut out. I gave the game an extra hour, I'm not even sure it'll cover the ninth.

Mr Furious said...

Shit. TiVo's done. All that, and I gotta go check the score online to see what happened.

Mr Furious said...

Ugh. A seven-run 11th inning buries the Sox. Glad I didn;t stay up for that.

Good night.

Toast said...

Wait, you watched the fucking game on TiVo? You had something more important to do than watch your team in the ALCS?

Tied 1-1 and headed for Cleveland. I am officially hopeful.

Mr Furious said...

You had something more important to do than watch your team in the ALCS?

Alas, family obligations trump. I normally bounce in and out of the games, and try to keep track of what's going on. I almost never get the chance to sit down for a whole game.

This was my attempt to circumvent that. I set the TiVo the night before, and deliberately avoided finding out anything about the game. I watched the game as if live, from the first pitch.

I'm thinking of dropping the cash for so I can catch it on the computer since the TiVo was not entirely successful. There's no way to account for game length with baseball.

fridge said...

I know Fridge likes to make fun of Curt Schilling for being fat, but is he kidding me? Next to Clemens, Schilling is fucking Graeme Lloyd.

You know, I was struck at how porky Clemens was in the ALDS. I guess I had missed the David Wells paunch when he came back this summer. He hasn't been like that since his fat-ass days in beantown. Good riddance.

But Schilling is a fat bastard. In that he's fatter than Clemens and an exceptionally suck-ass person.