Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baseball: Game Three Time-Delay Blogging

Yes, that's right, watching the game on TiVo. Getting ready for Kid F's birthday party tonite, and it's time to unwind. the fun starts in the comments...


Mr Furious said...

Pre-game: Jeannie, Girardi, Gracie and Kennedy. I actually enjoy Jeannie as a host, she does a good job, Girardi is a good analyst and the Yankees are stupid if they choose Mattingly over him to take over, Marc Grace is an abomination—liked ya as a player, but you are way over the top, Marc.

These three are all in agreement on Ortiz at first, Youk on the bench. I would probably have gone the other way. I would probably give Papi the extra day off for his knee, and have HIM come in as a PH, since I think he would do better hitting off the bench than either Youk or Lowell (it's how he usually hits...)

Honestly Youkilis is the hottest of the three right now, and that gives you the defense.

Carrie Underwood on the national anthem—nicely done. She from American Idol? No flyover? Surprising.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 1: These idiots are making too big a deal about Manny and Ortiz in the field.

Yeah, Ellsbury! Fifteen foot hit, let's turn it into a double now...

Is the infield bigger in Denver? Two infield hits...

Papi strikes out. Maybe you can explain how that justifies Francona's decision, now, McCarver...

Let's go Manny.

Hey, the Green Giant's there!

Dammit. Come on, Mikey.

Shit. I don't have much confidence in Dice-K tonite, we are going to need those runs...

Mr Furious said...

BOTTOM 1: Matsui stretches it to two.

Dice-K is breaking off his curveball, which is a good thing...

Big strikeout. Runner stuck at 2B.

Expecting a gap shot here by Holliday...let's see if Dice K can surprise me.

Nice pick! Lead runner erased in a rundown.

VERY encouraging inning.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 2: Drew grounds out.

Varitek almost castrates the pitcher with his bat. Out on a close play.

God, Lugo can fly...Um, McCarver, how exactly does "everyone hit better the other way"?

I was wondering whether Matsuzaka had to bat in Japan. Apparently not, he played in the DH league. What possible excuse does the Japanese League have for having only one league with a DH? It's dumb enough that we have this disparity, why would they copy that?

Blown away. I hate watching pitchers bat.

Mr Furious said...

BOTTOM 2: Dice K hits the leasoff man.

Hawpe is totally messed up, he strikes out again.

The rockies catcher seems like the kind of unheralded guy who'll have a big game.

See, Manny can catch a ball, you douchebags.

Groundout. Dice K is doing a nice job. These hitters are to anxious for him to get into his bad nibbling habits and deep counts.

Mr Furious said...

TOP 3: Did I mention that I love Ellsbury? Wow, the kid is FAST.

That should be a hit.

Woo-Hoo! I told you Papi was the right guy to start...

Are Manny's pants Dockers?

IBB. Bases loaded for Lowell.

That plate is more than an extra inch on each side...

Nice. Two-run single. Get Papi some oxygen.

Come on JD. Franklin Morales warming up out in the woods. Yes, please.

Pop out. Drew doesn't really make any loud outs...

Why do you just KNOW the inning will wind up with the pitcher hitting....

Manny was safe, but the ump was completely screened on the missed tag. That was a bad "send" in my opinion.

Shut the fuck up, McCarver. Flipping the helmet off does NOT slow him down. Pay attention you morons, right before he tosses the lid, it is sliding into his face—he has to flip it off.

Lugo walks in the midst of McCarver and Buck hating on Manny.

Matsuzaka drives in two! It is on!

Ellsbury pours more on. If Sullivan doesn't get a bit of glove on that, Jacoby comes all the way around...or runs up Dice K's back...

Here comes the piching machine from Game 1.

Six runs. Let's challenge those hitters Dice K.

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 3: Matsui has a real Ichiro/Damon swing.

One. two. three. Dice K really looks good tonite.

That Vitamin Water badminton ad should be funny, but it just doesn't work.

Mr Furious said...

Top 4: I'm still not so sure that was such a clear call on Manny at the plate. It looks like Torrealba does tag him, but is it before Manny slaps the plate? And how the hell does Barrett think Manny misses the plate?

Sox go down 1, 2, 3.

What's the deal with "I Am Legend"?

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 4: Going to FF these Rockie at bats unless somebody gets a hit...

Nice smooth play by Papi at first.

Mr Furious said...

Top 5: Drew ropes one off the wall to lead off with a double.

[rolls eyes] Drop this stupid Sergeant Major shit.

How come Biggio didn't dive on the infield to get his suit dirty. He deserves to be in the HOF. And, btw, he looks exactly like a buddy of mine.

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 5: Rockies get a couple of guys on for the top of the order. Stay aggressive, Dice K. This is where he typically starts nibbling.

Stop nibbling and throw strikes!

Great play at third on both ends to get the lead runner.

Rockies strand two more. are they gonna make a game of this or not?

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 6: Youk comes in on D. Naked compared to how bundled up he was in the dugout.

Back to back walks. Helton ewarned his, atkins does not. Matsuzaka was cruising until now, but Francona ain't messing around. This might be a quick hook, they still haven't hit him at all...but he does unravel in a hurry...

I do NOT consider Lopez an improvement however.


Barrett is tightening his strike zone.

Bring in the rifleman, tito.

Thinking of trimming down to a Timlin goatee...

That 0-1 pitch is a strike two innings ago.

415 foot second out.

Lugo snares the third out on a nice leaping catch. If he was Derek Jeter, Buck and McCarver would cream their pants. Let's se if Lugo gets the deep throat after the break...

Mr Furious said...

Top 7: Herges strikes out the side.

Phillip "Easy Lover" Bailey sings "God Bless America"

Does FOX mandate this or what? I know they don't normally do that during the stretch at Fenway.

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 7: I'd like a bigger lead.

Matsui bunts for a hit to start it off. Steals second.

The Manny-haters think Coco should be in on defense. No. Manny will bat again, trust me.

Second man singles. First and third. Double-switch for Oki. Ellsbury goes to RF Drew is out.

MVP Holliday rides him over the wall. I knew that was coming sooner or later. One-run game.

No, tim, you do NOT send the runner.

WHIFF...See? Moron.

Here's Torrealba in a big spot. I called him for a hit in a spot like this...

Mr Furious said...

Top 8: Lugo walks, Coco bats.

Will Papelbon start the 8th?

Coco singles. Top of the order.

Ellsbury gets his fourth hit, driving in Lugo. Francona looks like a genius putting him at leadoff.

Sox open up a big lead again.

Barrett's got a huge zone again. I hate that shit.

Come on Manny, put this out of reach.

Oh well, I'll settle for three.

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 8: MDC, not Paps. This is cool as long as he's on a short leash.

Holliday scares me even with Papelbon. Gotta get Tulowitsky here.

Tulo walks. But Holiday is NOT the tying run like I thought a second ago.

Paps gets him on a somewhat scary can of corn.

Mr Furious said...

Top 9: Lowell reaches, bunted over and steals third.

Papelbon, christopher Walken called, he wants his hair back.

Lowell scores on a sac fly. the lead is back up to five.

Mr Furious said...

Bottom 9: Hawpe rips a two-out triple. Whatever.

Torrealba ands it.

One game away. Ellsbury is Player of the Game.

angie said...

you got lucky. i thought they were going to pull it out. i think i can smell a sweep.

you need to blog about how awesome Michigan is doing since the first two upsets. Undefeated in big 10. moving up the rankings.