Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Frost "Estate"

[photo: Baltimore Sun]

Pretty much exactly what I was picturing from my wanderings around Bal'mer. The fact that Malkin could drive up to that stoop, look at it, and then go home and write the fictitious smears she did just boggles the mind.


Toast said...

Doesn't boggle my mind at all. Malkin is at least a Colonel in the Right Wing's Filth Brigade.

Mr Furious said...

"Boggles my mind" not out of surprise—there's nothing surprising about any of this, it's clear and has been for a while, that there is l no line they won;t cross.

I just can't wrap my head around that kind of dishonesty and just the sheer infection of vitriol it must take to act like her (and the rest of them).

As pissed off or self-rightous or partisan as I may get at times, it never causes me to become completely unhinged from reality or just start making shit up.

And even if it did, I don't have the online and television pulpit to abuse as she (and they) does.

Smitty said...

I wanted to try to post something poignant or witty. But the truth of it you and others pointed-out the truth of the Frost's situation...this I am just bitter and sad that someone so shrill has a monopoly on political discourse. I kinda feel sick.

angie said...

Check out Paul Krugman's op-ed today: calls out Michelle Malkin and makes the point she's not just a blogger... Decent op-ed (I so love time select is gone).

Rickey Henderson said...

I'll admit that I hadn't heard about this until you posted the link to the story. Awful, just awful. It's pretty sad that thanks to the Malkins and Coulters of this world, such reckless hatred is commonplace in political discourse these days.

Good to see Krugman calling that wench out.