Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heartbeat of America

Wow. This quite simply the most powerful, provocative, and (hopefully) effective advocacy ad I've ever seen.

There is not a parent alive (except Michelle Malkin) who would be unfazed by that.

Will I be surprised if the right-wing tries to smear this family too? No, but I think they do so at their own peril. If this ad gets the exposure it deserves, the S-CHIP battle is over. If Bush wants to continue to fight the inevitable and hurt his party in the process, let him. This is a good program that works, and this is the best way to put a face and positive results out there.

[h/t: Carpetbagger]

UPDATE: That video is produced by TrueMajority.org, but I can't find anyway to contribute to getting it on the air. Their site allows you to "send to your friends" but I want that thing on prime time. Or during Oprah. Or something.

Rather than chest-thumping, base-placating, self-affirming bullshit ad buys like "General Betray-Us" and other MoveOn-type stuff, this video is one of the rare cases where I think an advocacy ad might actually be impactful and effective—and not only on this issue, but in framing the debate and the GOP going forward. I'd feel much better parting with cash to get that ad on during "Dancing with the Stars" than donating towards some oblique "$100K for Peace."

I just wrote TrueMajority and urged them to mount a campaign. Make it fucking happen, Ben.


Smitty said...

That was a great ad. That said it all, without being tragic. And I'm with you: get that ad on the air. On the way to their web site now to urge them to get it on tv.

Chris Howard said...

Oh, I'm sure Bethany will be trashed if that gets on the air, but it'll just make the right-wing look even worse. I think the real kicker is the line about 800,000 kids, or 1 week in Iraq. Setting up choices like that is many times misleading, but here I think it's appropriate.