Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Aaahhhgg! Mutherfu..."

That has been the number one thing coming out of my mouth as I too have been crippled with the same mysterious hand pain as Mrs. F today. It happened to me this morning while simply reaching for the baby sling (carrier) off the coat rack.

Me: "Aaaahhhhowwwwww!"
Mrs. F: "What's wrong?"
Me: "My hand. I was just reachin--"
Mrs. F, finishes the sentence, "...up like this? And it hurts in here...?"
Me: "Yeah. Is this what you have? Oh, shit."

Mrs. F said it feels like her hand is broken. It doesn't. I broke my hand two years ago. This is worse.

There's never been much question who around here is the stoic and who is the pussy...and let me just say, I have a new respect for Mrs. F after today.

It seems we have the exact same situation with the radiating pain in the thumb/forefinger area, that just kills with one false move. Caused by a pinched nerve in the shoulder, to which I am assigning blame to that fucking Baby Sling.

How else would we each have the same freak nerve injury?

Piece of shit.

I hope this is better tomorrow. Mrs. F's had it for days at a time before, and I might be too big a wimp to handle that...

If I could make a fist, I'd knock that smile off your face Sling-Lady...


Mrs. Furious said...

Oh cry me a river puss baby!

Toast said...

Wow, dude. That's weird. I smell lawsuit...

michelline said...

Isn't your daughter 9 months old? And she allows you to put her in that? I doubt either of mine would have been quiet or still long enough to get put into a sling much less stay in one long enough to justify the time it would take to pop the kid in there.

Smitty said...

Oh cry me a river puss baby!

Gotta say, dude, that Mrs. F has you on this one. She had the kid. That trumps all agony.

I've been hit by shrapnel from RPG fire and had chunks of building fall on me from explosions...and still, my own wife's birthing agony trumps all my little boo-boos.

Rickey Henderson said...

You need to retain the legal services of Lionel Hutz immediately.