Monday, October 29, 2007

Baseball: Red Sox (Domi)Nation

Congratulations to the Red Sox, who swept their way to their second title in four years. I'm just sorry I can't watch as often as I used because this was an enjoyable team to watch. At times frustrating, and they certainly made things interesting in the ALCS, but they had a plan, and they came out every night and stuck to it, and it worked.

It's a good thing I'm not the GM, because if I was, I'd be handing out ludicrous contract extensions along with the champagne last night. This team got gutty performances from nearly everyone that was on the roster, from Beckett to Kielty, but especially from the guys whose contracts ran out as they donned the celebratory goggles—Curt Schilling, who showed he has something left in the tank, Mike Timlin is simply a freaking warrior, and Mike Lowell* was a deserving Series MVP and a class act all the way. Wherever you guys end up next year, you'll be Sox for eternity with me.

Special congratulations to J.D.Drew and Julio Lugo, who turned in valuable contributions after suffering through diifficult seasons and plenty of doubts, all is forgiven and let's move on from here.

And Terry Francona who just did a phenomenal job. He is 22-9 in the playoffs, and 8-0 in the World Series. He had a stubburn approach through the season that at times seemed too slow to adjust, or too cautious, but he was managing for the long haul and it showed this postseason—when other pitchers and teams seemed out of gas, the Sox were still throwing it. A fantastic job, and he should never hear any shit from fans in Boston as long as he stays.

Oh, and I'm going to really enjoy the Beckett Era.

*UPDATE: Please re-sign Lowell and spurn the preening two-headed egomonster Boras-Rod. If Lowell has to play the last two years of his contact in a wheelchair it would make me happier than having A-Rod on this team.


Rickey Henderson said...

Begrudging congratulations to you and your team. Rickey was pulling for the NL to put up a bit more of a fight.

If any jackass Yanks fans give you the "only 19 more to go" line, you have Rickey's permission to punch them in the face.

Mr Furious said...

Thanks. Thanks for the congratulations and permission.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, there is a clear gap between the AL and NL right now. And it isn't close.

The Rockies had a great run, and I think they are set up to dominate in the NL West as a young and clearly talented team.

Unfortunately I cannot say thhe same about the Mets. You guys are a mess. And an old, overpaid mess at that. You've got some good young pieces, but need a serious roster turnover.

Mike said...

when other pitchers and teams seemed out of gas, the Sox were still throwing it

Great line, and great observation.