Wednesday, February 13, 2008


And I was actually worried about Virginia and a setback today. Wow. Even more convincing than his weekend haul.

In the words of Chief Brody, Hillary's "gonna need a bigger boat." (RIP Roy Schieder)

No idea what the 12 stories tall Washing-ton means? Watch this.


Toast said...

I believe "12 stories" refers to the height of the Washington Monument. If I recall correctly, there's a law that states no building in D.C. can be taller than that. The "radiation" part? Wait, that's the line from that "Washington" short animation clip, right? "Six foot ten, weighs a fucking ton."

Toast said...

Oh and congrats to Obama. You just keep focusing on Texas, Hillary. Good luck with that.

Mike said...

He's coming all right.

(And I'll resist the natural follow-up joke.)

steves said...

Is there any idea as to how the superdelegates are going to vote?

Obama gave a fantasic speech at UW-Madison last night. Anyone else catch it?

Mr Furious said...

"that's the line from that "Washington" short animation clip, right?"

It's all from the clip. The 12 stories too.

As for the Washington Monument, I believe it's much taller than twelve stories...[goes to wikipedia...]

At the time of its construction, it was the tallest building in the world. It is still the tallest building in Washington, D.C. A 1910 law restricts new building heights to no more than 20 feet (6 m) greater than the width of the adjacent street. (There is a popular misconception that the law specifies that no building may be taller than the Washington Monument, but in fact the law makes no mention of it). Ordinary antique obelisks were seldom taller than around 100 feet (30 m), making this monument vastly taller than the obelisks around the capitals of Europe and in Egypt.

It's 555 feet tall, which I think is more like 40-45 stories, not 12.

Mr Furious said...


The super-delegates are free to choose whoever they want. They are not bound by results, nor are they "pledged". Hillary's supposed lead among SDs is mostly speculative, and I imagine if the momentum continues as it is, less and less of them will want to be on the losing side.

It's why her Texas Hold-out is so stupid. It might be necessary, but if he kicks her ass all month, she's toast.

(no offense, Toast)

Rickey Henderson said...

cue Hillary crying fit in 3... 2... 1...

It would be sexist to point these things out, if only it wasn't true.