Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too Pissed For a Clever Headline

The FISA Court and statute is no longer the exclusive governing authority for how surveillance can be conducted in America. It’s wide fucking open now.

Oh, and telecoms get immunity.

Fucked over retroactively and going forward. Nice job Reid and the rest of you fucking clowns.

And a special “Fuck You!” to Hillary for making sure she got a 21-day jump on building her Texas sandbag wall and skipping the vote altogether.

Also, Debbie Stabenow is now twelve feet down she is so fucking dead to me.

Much more on this to come. Trust me.


Sherry said...

Yes it sucks big time. The crap will never stop until we start making them pay the price for screwing us over again and again. Vote em out I say, and don't stop until they get the message.

Mike said...

So Hill skipped the vote? What'd Obama do? Did he vote? Against it?

(Not challenging; just asking.)

Mr Furious said...

He was on the floor all day voting the right way on every amendment. The final vote came so late that he was already on his way to Wisconsin, but the thing was so butchered by then, and passage so lopsided that it didn't matter.

To be fair (because I killed HRC over at Toast's) I wish he had stayed for the symbolic last vote, but he didn't.

It still has to get through conference with the stronger, immunity-free House bill so there's still a chance, and Dodd has vowed to filibuster the conference bill if necessary.

Obama has promised to support (particpate?) Dodd's filibusters, so we'll see.

I fear this sell-out is inevitable, but it would be nice to see him make a stand with Dodd on this. It's politically risky, especially with a lead to ostensibly protect, you don't want to rock the boat, but this shit is important, and it would be interesting to see if he could employ his speaking skill to raise awareness and help pressure lawmakers.

If he took to the podium with Dodd, people would be paying attention.

Mr Furious said...

To be clear. When I said, "I fear this sell-out is inevitable" I'm talking about Congress and immunity, not Obama, Dodd or anyone specific.

And Obama has said he would support and stand with Dodd's filibuster over the last several weeks. Presumably leading up to yesterday. I don;t know if he said anything since.

Reid is the one who fucking set this up. He screwed Dodd over and over, and made any filibuster yesterday moot.

angie said...

I am so pissed at Debbie. I had even called her office urging her to vote the other way. validates my not voting for her in the last election (just abstained from voting, of course didn't vote for republican).