Friday, February 01, 2008

Whatever Happened To...

...Otto Man, Thrillhous and the boys at Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Nachos?

Seriously dudes, what's up? I see OM kickin' it at KSK, and I know he and Malibu Stacy were expecting a baby, the Thrillhouses as well, if I recall...God knows the demands of parenthood CAN wreak havoc on blogging, drop by and let me know what's up...or shoot me an email misterfurious53 at yahoo

UPDATE: I see a new post went up a month ago, and in between Chinese spams I see OM confirmed the birth of Baby Ottoette. Congrats. I still want an update. After all the FRTs and doing the heavy lifting on the 72 Bands thing, you owe me!


Noah said...

I wondered what happened to those guys. They were always pretty funny and T-House had some great insights...for that matter, they pretty much all did.

Hey...I saw this glowing endorsement of Hillary's campaign and thought you might be interested.

Mr Furious said...

"Damn your eyes!"

"Too Late!"

You can't DO that to a person...send them over to Ann Coulter's creepy visage without warning.

Those fucking eyes are still looking at me through my Firefox history.

Mike said...

Thrill & the Mrs. had their little one over a year ago. Fall of '06 sounds about right. And OM & Malibu Stacey had theirs this past fall I believe.

And since LL&TPN had pretty much become the OM & Thrill show . . . well, do the math.

I do miss those guys though. Especially when I read the KSK comments and OM reminds me how fucking funny he is.

Anonymous said...

I, too, miss LLPoN and would like to know what's up.

Now, revealing myself as hopelessly not in the know, what is KSK?

Mr Furious said...

Kissing Suzy Kolber. It's an NFL footbal blog. Link in my blogroll under "Athletics"

At times crude as all hell, but often hilarious. They did a particularly funny Olberman spoof last week.