Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Wednesday

I have boatloads of shit to do today before I take the rest of the week off for Kid's surgery (a second procedure of this), so my quick thoughts on Super Tuesday (based on when I went to bed, not anything I read this morning) are this...

McCain is the GOP nominee. And he will take Huckabee as VP. Bank on it. HE needs him to shore up the party, and he pretty much owes him for knocking Romney out.

Romney is finished.

Obama had a huge night, but needed to land a knockout blow. I think an effective draw is okay at this point, but he needs to start damaging Hillary. He needs to dominate to ensure a nomination because I don't trust the delegates. I think momentum is on his side and he will continue to broaden his appeal, while Hillary might be at her ceiling.

Hillary held her territory and standing as frontrunner. Barely. She is losing momentum, so her lack of a decisive win might be more damaging going forward than it is for Obama.

That's it for now. More on all of this, and Kid Furious later.


Rickey Henderson said...

Toodles Mitt Romney you slimy deceitful prick. The dynamic between the GOP and McCain is pretty interesting... Rickey has never seen a leader beaten around and abused as much by his own party as McCain. Anyone who gets smeared that much by Limbaugh, etc., really isn't all THAT awful a guy, right?

Chris Howard said...

I really think last night was good for Obama. He overcame large polling deficits in a lot of states. The press obsession with wins and losses at the state level really obscures the important fact of who's getting delegates. I agree with a comment I saw somewhere else that time is Obama's friend. If he has time to campaign state-by-state, he'll pick up more support. I agree that he needs to open up a bit of a lead by convention time or things may get hairy. However, I would rather see Clinton win than have the campaign descend into a nasty, negative one that hurts the party. I'd be perfectly happy with a Clinton/Obama ticket.

rob said...

all the best to Ruby. Hopefully all goes well. I have been going crazy here, after being sick for almost 4 weeks, Rebekah had her gallbladder removed yesterday. All went well but she is not home yet.

Mr Furious said...

I'd be perfectly happy with a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Stow that shit, Chris!

Seriously? I'd be disappointed, but satisfied if that is the case, but I do NOT want talk of that to become some kind of self-fulfuilling consolation prize.

Obama deserves the number one spot. He represents the inertia. He is the change. He is the transformative potential. All of that will be wasted by eight years as copilot.

Mr Furious said...


thanks. I'm so busy right now, I can hardly even process that at the momnent. I'll be shitting my pants tonite.

We know what we're in store for this time, so we are better prepared. The procedure is not the tough part, it's the anestesia that's worrisome, and the aftercare that sucks.