Saturday, February 25, 2006

"I told you so. YEEEAAARRRGGGHHHH!!"

Glenn Greenwald has a post up at Crooks and Liars that lays out who turned out to be right, and who turned out to be wrong, about Iraq. From his conclusion:
Can anyone dispute that Dean was right about virtually every prediction and claim he made, every warning that he issued about why invading Iraq was ill-advised and counter-productive? Compare this outright prescience from Dean to the war supporters’ declarations of cakewalks, predictions of glorious victory celebrations, promises that the war would pay for itself, Purple Finger celebrations where they insisted that democracy was upon us, errors regarding the number of troops needed, inexcusable failure to anticipate or plan the insurgency, and shrill fear-mongering about Saddam’s non-existent weapons.

Americans long ago abandoned Bush’s war once they realized that the premises on which the war was justified were false. But while this war was George Bush’s from start to finish - and he will live with it forever ignominiously tagged to him in history – it is now America’s war as well. And as the country decides what course of action we ought to take to extricate ourselves from this disaster, it is worth remembering whose judgment was so accurate and wise and whose judgment was so horribly wrong in every respect.

Read the whole thing, it's the usual Greenwald excellence boiled down to Op-Ed length.


Anonymous said...

True enough — and not one bit less true of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who also campaigned valiantly for the Democratic nomination in '04.

Pooh said...

Stepping back for a moment, it's clear that the Bushies were terrified of Dean, and still are based on the amount of venom that gets tossed his way on the daily. I have a friend who was at the YEEARRRGHH rally and told me that he literally didn't notice it when it happened because the crowd was so loud by that point. Of course, the crowd was not in the sound mix we got in our so-called liberal MSM.

Anonymous said...

To give credit where due, ABC News did an excellent report showing and demonstrating exactly the point your're making about Dean's scream.

The hurting part is that ABC's report didn't air until two or three weeks after the incident. And of course, by that time, the rest of the MSM had played and replayed their distorted, misleading videos about a million times. Hell, Wolf (Mr. Republican in Newsman's Clothing) Blitzer, by himself, aired it at least a dozen times in one hour. And that was only one hour of one day. CNN aired it multiple times an hour for about four or five days after it happened.

So, yes, you kind of get the impression they were really anxious to do a number on Dean.