Friday, February 03, 2006

The New, Tan Face of Corruption

Over at Balloon Juice, John Cole references a profile of Tom DeLay's replacement as House Majority Leader, Tim Boehner, and then tosses in a throwaway comment...
[link] "...Boehner, a perpetually tanned conservative, had spent much of the past year meeting secretly with Republicans who complained about the current leadership team, especially Blunt and his mentor, DeLay, and encouraged Boehner to launch a political comeback..."

[Cole] I had always thought he looked a little tan.

What's with that? Is this guy some metrosexual with a tanning bed? He's not the Representative from Palm Springs, he's from Cincinnati. From the comments at Balloon Juice, it seems "the perpetual tan" is from playing so much golf. He and DeLay are reputed to be the best golfers in the House, and Boehner is a member and an exclusive all-male club in Washington where membership runs $75,000 a year.


So he makes what as a Congressman…$180,000? How the hell does he spend forty percent of his salary on a club membership?

I know, he’s a Republican and he was probably a millionaire before he ever took office, and I’m sure his wife makes six figures through some “connected” job, but come on.

Nobody from Ohio that spends enough time golfing that he can maintain a tan all year round should be serving in Congress. Golf costs money and somebody is paying for it. Besides, nothing good for the taxpayer was ever determined on a golf course. NO FUCKING GOLF should be the first item on any reform agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Under the current regime, our federal government is a veritable vending machine for corporations and other right-wing special inerests.

In this age of globalization and free trading, I fully expect future revealtions of some very tainted foreign money making it into the accounts of people like DeLay and Boehner. And yes, those accounts may well be in faraway places with exotic names and oh, so discreet banks.