Friday, November 16, 2007

The "C" Stands for "Crappy"

Would it be too much fucking trouble for CNN to have the debate available online? What, is it 1994 or something?

All they have are the moronically-selected "gotcha" moments. Fucking CSPAN can handle this shit—if you can't put the thing online, you shouldn't be used as a venue to host it.

Oh, and Wolf Blitzer's a fucking douche.

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Anonymous said...

It's obviously not perfect (e.g. including "troll" when it should be "scroll") but here's what you're looking for.

Regarding the Wolfman, being surrounded by Democrats probably had him more than a little on edge. He's not used to that. And awhile back Howard Dean showed him they can bite back.

That Wolfie was working with people not steeped in GOP talking points probably made things even worse for him. Kind of disorienting.

A few Sunday mornings of showcasing the usual Republican suspects and he'll be back to his old self, though.