Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Debate Live on TiVo Blogging Never mind.

I fucking cannot stand Hillary Clinton. She has taken every single opportunity to speak to drag this right into the gutter. I can't even expend the energy to go blow by blow anymore, she is that exhausting.


As this thing comes to a close I will say this...Hillary Clinton is kicking Obama's ass tonight. In many instances they are saying the same things, but she is doing a better job laying them out.


Toast said...

Hillary had plenty of help from the moderators. Between the three of them, the entire first hour was "Pile On Obama" time. Very discouraging.

Deb said...

It really does feel like it's all going awry. I'm struggling to figure out how Hillary was handed this nomination and I feel very confident that I'm going to be scratching my head over President McCain when this is all done. I may start having nightmares.