Friday, April 18, 2008

"a formidable enemy"

Another benefit of Hillary finally dropping out of the race will be the subsequent release of the "good" Paul Krugman from wherever the Clintons have imprisoned him.

Then this parallel-universe interloper and his propaganda will be forced back to wherever he came from and the power of this column can once again be brought to bear on the true enemy—John McCain and the GOP.

For the uninitiated, I'm talking about a classic among classics.


fridge said...

man, so right you are. I developed perhaps the biggest man-crush ever bestowed upon a liberal pundit for my main man P-Krug. I bought Times Select just to keep reading him.

Now, I read him and shake my head wondering if he was presented a position in an HRC administration. Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors maybe? It's not just the straight out obama slam articles. It's those that start out about the housing crisis and then morph into anti Obama articles. Maddening.

Good post man, I was gonna do something on this too, but have been too busy to blog at all.

Rickey Henderson said...

Dear god, you photoshopped Spock's likeness onto Krugman's face? That's brilliant.

Mr Furious said...

Actually I stuck Krugman's face on's not as good as my Westworld-Cheney, but what could be?