Saturday, April 12, 2008

Slow Not Slow

Things are slow 'round here, because they're not slow anywhere else...Busy at work, busy at home, and most of all busy as hell with a big trial/freelance assignment that has taken all available computer-alone-time, which is when I normally do the blog thing.

Seems like everyone else is slacking on the blogfront too, maybe it's the breaking of spring?

Things'll get back to normal soon enough.


Toast said...

Seems like everyone else is slacking on the blogfront too

Not me. I'm applying foot to derriere and compiling a list of names.

Mike said...

I'm at about the halfway point of an very intense 3 month stretch at work: multiple depositions in two different cases, lots of prep, lots of traveling, smatterings of brief writing, the usual letter writing, constant e-mailing, and tons of phone calls.

Even in the rare windows when I have time to blog, thinking & writing don't seem too appealing a way to spend "down time."

Deb said...

Spring must be broken, because it has yet to show up here. But I do think it's the season.

Angelos said...

I'm still posting up a storm.

And spring is finally here. Well... yesterday at least. Today it's cold and rainy again.

At least that means I don' have to go up and clean the roof. I still have a ton of house-work to do, but at least it's at ground level, so I can have a few beers while doing it.

Smitty said...

I'm just lazy. You'd think with like 6 contributors at ATK we'd get some more activity, but no. We're all lazy.

Or hung-over.