Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Full Court Press Conference

I am watching it now. Obama is kicking some serious ass. I hope there is video or transcript soon. [UPDATE: Added.]

He is hitting MANY of the things I said below. He is not just "distancing himself" or "throwing Wright under the bus"—he is repudiating what is wrong about Wright and his remarks, and he is doing it gracefully—but he is leaving NO DOUBT that Wright's remarks are antithetical to Obama and everything he stands for.

I don't know how you could parse anything differently out of that, though many will try. It is an issue that Obama surely did not need to deal with, but he made the most out of the opportunity.

Barack Obama did what he needed to do. Will the media and will his opponents?

UPDATE: Sullivan agrees.


Smitty said...

Without sounding nob-gobbish:

I really want to thank you, Mr. F., for the extreme effort you are putting into blogging about Obama and this campaign. Your instincts are good, your ideas are solid, and with all honesty, I am looking to this blog before I look to other ones abot Obama and his campaign.

When all I have the energy for any more (what with twins coming this Saturday and everyting I am doing on the state level) is my half-serious blog, I really appreciate what you're doing here and wish that I could be as cogent.

Thanks Mr. F!

Mr Furious said...

thanks, dude.

Ugh, this thing has been giving me a fucking ulcer all day...not to mention everything on my plate.

At least I'm not having twins at the end of the week...HOLY SHIT!

Congrats to all the Smittys if you drop off the radar for a while...

Deb said...

Wow... congratulations, Smitty.

I'm just catching up after a week away from reading, and I haven't been able to follow more than just the sound bites on this story. I feel completely up on the topic now. The race is starting to make me nauseated, and I really want it over. I just want to KNOW who I'm voting for in November.