Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Total Package


It's a mere sidebar to the big issues, but I think it matters. It's more than just Barack Obama as the President. If he wins, there is so much more brought to the table than the just the candidate and his policies.

Just the fact that there'll be little kids running the halls is great enough, but seriously...look at what that First Family represents.

Change. Hope. Progress.


Nothing against HRC (for a moment), but an eight-years-older pic of her and Bill minus Chelsea just ain't the same...

[h/t: Shakes]


Smitty said...

I love the feel of a young, vibrant family in the whitehouse. Too cool for words. Change in a BIG way.

Sorry, by the way, for the lengthy, off-topic post to your comments yesterday but I thought you'd be interested and I keep misplacing your email.

Deb said...

And within that young, vibrant family, a First Lady who isn't a wooden doll and could actually inspire people as much as her husband.