Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This (No Longer) American Life

I caught part of this episode of "This American Life" a couple weeks ago and was pretty much left deciding whether to drive straight to Canada or to D.C. and crash my car into the West Wing...

I went online and listened to the whole thing. As Ira Glass says in the intro, the abuses of the Bush Adminisration are, by this point, legion. Huge, blatant disregard for laws and the Constitution with massive implications. So TAL decided to focus on two personal, below-the-radar stories of abuse of power that are no less egregious—and in their own way, twice as infuriating.

Listen to The Audacity of Government.

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E. Broderick Photography said...

I am so glad you posted this! I was in my car and heard just the beginning of this and then had to get out. (I hate that!) I made a mental note that I would go online at some point to hear the rest and then promptly forgot. (I am in a virtually constant mental fog, of late.) Thanks for the link. I'll listen later. (Assuming I remember...)