Saturday, April 12, 2008

No, Not "Elitest", Elite...

...there's difference. And Hillary and McCain are going to find out the hard way.

I might be wrong (it's been known to happen) but something tells me the molehill politics they are trying on Obama over his actually being honest with voters and talking about the tough times and disillusionment of some towns in America is going to bite them in the ass.

It'll depend (as usual) how this is filtered through the media, but Obama is right and EVERYONE knows it. He knows it, McCain knows it, and Hillary sure as shit knows it. He just spoke honestly about what everyone knows, but has always been afraid to say.

Do you think the people who are bitter about their towns being decimated by plant closings and a collapsing economy, who struggle without healthcare, or pensions, or any prospects for improvement are going to hold it against Obama for telling them the truth? Or do you think, just maybe, the blue-collar guy in question might just think, "Holy shit! This guy gets it!"

Or the politician that comes to town and gives them the song and dance about bootstraps, work ethic, and tells stories about their grandfather the factory worker? Which politician is really condescending?

They've heard your bullshit before Hillary. Over and over again. Platitudes about flags, and apple pies and ass-kissing like "Pennsylvanians know how to roll up their sleeves" ain't cuttin' it anymore.

The people who are bitter, know who they are, and I think they'll be able to see pretty clearly who's "in touch".


Here's the choice, America. You want a President who will hold up a mirror, tell you what's wrong and try and lead the country out of it? Or do you want just another politician who will come into town, blow smoke up your ass, tell you about the "promise of America" and then go back to Washington and fuck you all over again.

Open your fucking eyes, people.


Smitty said...

I have really been struggling to find words to convey what I felt about this whole debacle. You got it, right on the head.

Unfortunately, I see the media as playing into making this a big huge problem for Obama (when it's not, as you point out).

I wonder if it's still tied back top that one time Hillary got all bent out of shape that the media kept beating the shit out of her but wasn't critical at all of their darling Obama. Now they seem to find excuses to chip away at the guy.

Deb said...

Perfectly put. I hope you're right, and people are ready for the truth. But deep inside, I fear that this is still the country that voted for W twice.

Eric Wilde said...

I hope you're correct; but, my inclination is to agree with deb. There are people in this country who have their heads deeply buried in their back sides.

Mr Furious said...

Tell me about it. If this country is stupid enough to pass up a guy like Obama (hell, even Hillary) for a fraud like McCain after the last eight year, I give up.

Sick a gigantic toe tag on Florida, because this country is beyond resuscitation, and debatably not worth saving from itself.