Sunday, April 27, 2008

Polls Are Now Open Closed, those dirty fucking hippies, are having another ad contest. This time it's "Obama in 30 Seconds." Submissions are closed, and voting/rating is open now closed.

Here is Lee Stranahan's entry, it's pretty good.

And I like this one even more.

I removed the embedded videos and put links instead. The videos played automatically and simultaneously and were getting annoying...but click through and check them out. Also, I added Stranahan's blog to the roll.

I had started this post last Tuesday, and didn't realize how short the time to vote was...finalists will be announced tomorrow (4/29), I'd expect to see both of these among them.


Toast said...

Wow. I love Stranahan's clip, but that second one was amazing. I'm verklempt.

Mr Furious said...

Agreed. I could actually envision that one on the air, where Stranahan's, while great, is more at home online.

Smitty said... it just me or are those links to the same commercial?

By the way...I really like those. It's okay to raise the flag again, folks.