Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Scaife Deals Hillary the Race Trump Card

Last week, a desperate Hillary Clinton decided the stakes in Pennsylvania are high enough that she needed to ante up her soul at the table of Richard Mellon Scaife, the godfather of the "vast right wing conspiracy." So Clinton sat down and went all-in.

Yesterday, the first hand was dealt. And it was as ugly as it gets...
Obama's indoctrination

By Ralph R. Reiland | Tribune-Review columnist
Monday, March 31, 2008

The Department of Justice reports that approximately 8,000 blacks were murdered in the United States in 2005. In one year, that's exactly double the total number of American military deaths during the entire five years of the war in Iraq; in one year, that's 10 times the average number of American military deaths per year since the start of the war.

A recent study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the Department of Justice shows that blacks committed murders in 2005 at a rate seven times higher than whites.

[...] For 1976 through 2005, the Justice Department reports that blacks, 12 percent of the U.S. population, committed 52 percent of the nation's murders and were 47 percent of all murder victims.

Until I heard the racist and anti-American tirades of Barack Obama's pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, it hadn't occurred to me that the murderous fires in the black community were being stoked from the pulpits inside black churches.

THAT is why Hillary Clinton should never have walked into the level of Hell that is the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and sat down with a demon like Richard Mellon Scaife. Because his "paper" runs absolute fucking bullshit like that—and I omitted several paragraphs of black-related crime statistics in the middle of that blockquote.

Whether or not this is in any way orchestrated by or with her campaign is now irrelevant. She just sat down at the table with these "editors" and gave the paper credibility and sought its endorsement. It looks and smells exactly like quid pro quo whether she wants it or not. Hillary Clinton is the clear beneficiary of this column aimed precisely at the voters her meeting with Scaife was designed to reach. While Obama is the clear target of one of the most race-baiting, fear-for-your-life-whitey pieces of shit I've think I've ever read.

Clinton can't distance herself from this. Can't claim she has "no control over what this paper prints." She crossed a bright fucking line last week by doing that interview and this was the only possible outcome. Did they print this column because Hillary met with them? No. I'm sure they would have printed this shit anyway, because it's what Scaife and his paper do!

That's the reason it was a story last week. Clinton supporters tried to play it like "it's just another editorial board interview..." or that "she showed toughness in facing her critics."

They. Are. Wrong. She had no obligation to talk to Scaife and the Trib, and no good reason to do so. She made a calculated decision to lend credibility to the man who spent millions savaging her and her family and has done as much as any single person to sow and fertilize the "vast right wing conspiracy." [more on Scaife here] She yukked it up with Scaife, starting the interview with "It was so counterintuitive, I just thought it would be fun to do."

"Fun?" Making a fool of yourself bowling with the locals is "fun." Selling yourself and your party out and tying them to the worst elements in the media and society is pretty fucking far from "fun."


Toast said...

Yup. An utterly shameful undertaking all around.

Smitty said...

I'm so sick I can even leave a comment. Win at all costs. If you lose, make sure your challenger loses too.

Welcome to the Whitehouse, Mr. McCain.

S.W. Anderson said...

Yeah, and one of her bundlers is a News Corp. exec.

But hey, she'll work hard for the money, hard for the money . . .

Rickey Henderson said...

Jesus, what a little troll. That guy makes Bob Novak look like Brad Pitt.

Mr Furious said...

...one of her bundlers is a News Corp. exec

You mean somebody besides Rupert Murdoch himself? Hillary attended a fundraiser for her campaign hosted by Murdoch in 2006.

Red State Blues said...

Levels of disgust reach an all-time high with this. I thought the Murdooch fundraiser was bad enough.

And rickey, I'm sorry, but no one can make Robert Novak look like Brad Pitt. You ever seen Novakula in person? He used to work in my building and I rode the elevator with him on many occasions. The guy's about 5 foot nothing (in other words, about chest high) and has nose hairs that can be braided. Let's just say that all the make-up he wears on teevee helps A LOT!!!